The main products produced by PGEO Group are:
Description: Palm Oil Products   Description: Soft Oil Products   Description: Lauric Oil Products
Palm Oil Products   Soft Oil Products   Lauric Oil Products
Description: Texturized Fats   Description: Specialty Fats   Description: Consumer Packs
Texturized Fats   Specialty Fats   Consumer Packs
Description: Soyabean Meal   Description: Palm Kernel Expeller   Description: Calcium Salt
Soyabean Meal   Palm Kernel Expeller   Calcium Salt
Description: Steel Drums   Oleochemicals    
Steel Drums   Oleochemicals    
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PGEO Group also offers crude palm oil, crude lauric oil, degummed soyabean oil and sorted beans for sale to emerge as a versatile edible oils manufacturer and trader.